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168 Responses to “Tokidoki Bag Archive”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Oh THANK YOU!!! I been looking for a guide like this for all the prints. *bookmarks* πŸ™‚

  2. hotpink Says:

    Thanks bunches!!! I have also been wanting to see the past prints and styles. I’m looking forward to seeing more additions. I’ll check back often =)

  3. Mickey Clarke Says:

    great work! this is so great to see past prints.

  4. Rebekah Says:

    Oh, cool! ^^ Doing great so far. Keep up the great work!

  5. Ann Says:

    Thanks! This is just awesome to have as a reference!

  6. G Says:

    I’ve been looking for a nice, succinct, overview of the styles, and this is great πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recap. I’ll definitely check back for more updates!

  7. Leen Says:

    This is a great guide. Well done! I will be recommending to to all my friends.

  8. Aja Says:

    This is great! You should mention that the newer Notte has Citta inside though. I’m coming back for updates!

  9. Jenn Says:

    so when are you updating this πŸ˜‰ I’d love to see a page with all the current prints

  10. Veyonce Says:

    Thanks for doing this archive!! It really help a newbie like me…

  11. ami Says:

    Thanks for such a great index of the prints by season including bag style! It’s helping me weed out the fakes that I see on ebay.

  12. lucy Says:

    You missed the Pirata ones. And the Paradiso ones. And the Inferno ones.

    Otherwise it’s a good guide.

  13. Eve Says:

    Thanks! Love how you post it! One question, is ther a fumo print in gioco style? and citta rosa in bocce? Thanks!n ^__^

  14. tokidokiblog Says:

    lucy – it says “this page is a work in progress” at the top of the page for a reason, it’s not finished yet. πŸ™‚ I am very busy lately, so I work on this blog as much as I can.

    Eve- the answer to both of your questions is yes.

    And to everyone – you’re welcome! I am going to work on this page some more today.

  15. Eve Says:

    recently bought a notte (gioco) from ebay and the inside print is citta, is this fake? seller said its authentic and I’ve checked the site for “fake” bag and the bag seems to fit all authentic categories. I don’t know what print fits what color, I’ve tried Macys and Nordstrom but they don’t have Notte color (the stores where I went don’t carry notte color yet). Let me know! ^_^ Thanks

  16. tokidokiblog Says:

    Eve – if everything else about the bag seems real, it is real. Citta is the correct inside print for the Notte bags.

  17. anne Says:

    i think i may have found a name for the original print! i found this on the website:
    “Luna, one of the first prints in the series, features kitchy stars, milk cartons and tulips in tokidoki’s signature cool style.”
    it was in the spring ’06 section of the site..
    btw i love looking at the bags on this page! =D

  18. Emily Says:

    Do you know how much the mamma cost retail?

  19. jncomplete Says:

    This page helps so much ^^ Thanks!!

  20. slayerbabe Says:

    Yey, the more you update it the more I’m lovin’ it!

  21. Juliani Says:

    Thank you so much for this blog.
    I think someone mentioned in the purse forum that MAMMA retails for $108.

  22. Paige Fraser Says:

    hello, i was wondering if you sold the tokidoki bookbag and how much it was because i would lik to get it cheaper than the real price????

  23. Q Says:

    I am still looking for spring 2006 Tokidoki stellina and bambione bags. Can you help me. I love the print.

  24. Mickey Says:

    Stephanie- you are doing a fantastic job on your archive- this is a priceless resource for serious tokidoki fans! πŸ™‚ keep up the great work!

  25. Eve Says:

    how do you clean your tokidoki bag? tried moist cloth can’t get the dirt out, any ideas? thanks

  26. Laurice Says:

    I like the fact that there is an archive here and i constantly check back to refer to it but it hasnt been updated much since the first time i visited it a while ago. when are you planning on updating it?

  27. tokidokiblog Says:

    Paige & Q – I don’t know how to help you out – sorry! Try checking in with some retailers in your area.

    Mickey – Thank you. πŸ™‚

    Eve – click the “Cleaning Tokidoki bags” link under Categories.

    Laurice – I try to update this page a little bit each week, my work hours have been too crazy lately to allow for much more. I’m doing my best!

  28. adria Says:

    i am looking for a tokidoki print, similar to the paradiso, but with a little girl with pigtails on it.

  29. Jenn Says:

    haha awesome! it’s updated again since I last looked at it! you’re doing an awesome job πŸ™‚

  30. Nora Says:

    Hi from MΓ©xico! Congratulations! it is an excelent guide! I have a question, hope you can help me: i saw on ebay a Bella citta rosa, does this model exist or do you think is a fake, it has the le sport sac and tokidoki tag, also the quee seems to be real. Thanks!

  31. Jenell Says:

    Terrific guide to the wonderful world of Tokidoki Lesportsac bags. I am a recent fan and just turned on to them as of late, but I am already building quite a collection for a late starter. My favorite style is the bambione. Its the perfect size for the weekend and allows for completely hands free shopping. I also want to that you the contact information of Southampton Lesportsac Outlet. The staff was so helpfule (especially Lindsay), and I am able to have the exact bags I was looking for sent right to my door. Well done Tokidoki blog. Keep up the good work.

  32. tokidokiblog Says:

    Nora – although I can’t guarantee that the bag you saw was real, the Bella Citta Rosa does exist.

    Everyone else – thanks! πŸ™‚

  33. JCW Says:

    Oh my goodness! What did I stumble upon? I knew this tokidoki line was going to be popular but – wow! I’m so glad I found this site and especially the tip on how to clean my cute little bag. Thanks so much! p.s. I got mine (bambino in citta rosa) a couple of days ago at Century 21 in lower Manhattan. It was about 36 pct off.

  34. Katie Says:

    Great guide and site! Extremely helpful. I was wondering is there a Cangurino in the Citta Rosa print? Thanks in advance!

  35. Tahls Says:

    Hi, my sister recently bought a tokidoki lesportsac off ebay. It is called Josie 7353 in Leopard/ Tiger print with pink lining. It has the little tags/ chains on it and the correct colour zippers but no qee…Did they ever make a leopard print one? Could it be a fake?
    As we are in Australia and they aren’t sold here we have no idea what to look for…thank goodness for discovering this site!

  36. astrid Says:

    tahls, it is definitely one of the styles that lesportsac makes, but it is not part of the tokidoki collection.

  37. Courtney Says:

    Hello-I was wondering what the inside fabric (print) is for the black canguro this season. Thanks.

  38. Syntic Says:

    This is really amazing! Thank you for putting all of these up! : D I was wondering when you’ll be able to put up the Winter 2006 collection? Anyways, thanks again for all your hard work! >: 3

  39. Anna Says:

    I am completely obsessed w/ le sport sac. Ils sont tres magnifique! I only have 2 and I can’t wait to purchase more from the new summer 07 collectin. Thank you for these images, so cute ^_______^

  40. Chris Says:

    I seriously regret not buying the Cita Rose print suitcase when it was available online at Urban Outfitters at 15% off X(. This is probably a stupid question but is there any way to buy past season prints? I love the summer print, even if the inside color is yellow. I have to get it, My life will be partially meaningless if I dont own at least one tokidoki design from lesportsac.

  41. Chris Says:

    I’ve seen just a lot of the styles sold at Macy’s and Nordstrom and was wondering if anyone ever saw a Trenino anywhere at a store that wasn’t online. I seem to be finding them online only.

  42. starz_nova Says:

    Wow… I love yr blog. I’m a lover of Tokidoki bags too and I get lots of Info from your blog abt it…… Keep up and good work. i will definiately be checking back for more info in the near future.

  43. Maroon Says:

    Chris: I believe the SouthHampton Store still has the Winter 2006 prints in the trenino. Call them at 1-631-283-1733 and find out. They’re 25% off the retail price so the bag is 223.50. You’ll have to pay your state tax and shipping. They’re really nice and will help with print placement. Hope that helps.

  44. Eve Says:

    ok, I got this 1st edition black scuola (backpack) on ebay, the seller listed as authentic and I have checked everything seemed to bee authentic expect for one major thing, the outside zipper is not rainbow color. I have never physically see a first edition scuola before, and I cannot see the color of the zipper posted here for the 1st edition black scuola. Please advice! >_

  45. aurelie Says:

    wow kewl my sisterhas the angel one since she thinks she an “angel” and i’m the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  46. Maroon Says:

    Eve — I believe there was a discussion about the original scuola’s front zipper and someone who had it said the zipper is supposed to be white. Check the “Guide to Fake Tokidoki Bags” blog. But here is what that person said about it: (check it because there were other comments about it on the blog)

    “Yes I have an original Scuola and the front zipper is white. I did some checking around after I bought it ’cause I was concerned and several people on tPF who had purchased original Scuolas directly from LeSportSac or from reputable places like Macy’s or Nordies confirmed the bags they bought also had white zippers.

    It was only later Scuolas that had the colored zippers on the front pocket. And I think some fake Original Scuolas may have rainbow zippers which makes it even more confusing!

    The front zippers on the Original Scuoloas do have two green zipper pulls, a lof of the fakes don’t have those.”

  47. Eve Says:

    Thanks Maroon! I did contact the seller she told me she got it from Macys. The scuola that she sold me have two green zipper pulls (note: no riri on the back) I will check out the blog, thanks! ^_

  48. CHRISTINE Says:

    Hiyee πŸ™‚ Do you know a place that still has FORESTA? I missed that one when it came out, 😦

  49. maroon Says:

    Well, the only place that I know of is Ebay. Even the Southhampton Outlet never received any. I actually brought a foresta stellina once but returned it for a paradiso one instead. Now I’m looking for it as well. haha.

  50. Chris Says:

    Thanks Maroon, I should have checked the blog before I bought it for $260 XP. It’s still cheaper than if I bought it at the retail price. It was expensive but totally worth it. I love it soo much. I was lucky to the pink haired girl and the one on the motorcycle in the center of the bag.

  51. alli Says:

    EVE- it’s the zipper *heads* that should have “riri” on them, not the pulls.

  52. jasmine Says:

    hey i bought this lesportsac bag online but i’m not sure if it’s fake and i don’t see the design on this blog. is it possible if you can help me confirm it’s authentic?

  53. Eve Says:

    alli- thanks for the correction! ^_-.. I meant riri on the head of the zipper (where you can flap it to see it on the back of the zipper head). I don’t think I want to ever get the first edition print of tokidoki again, it is so hard to confirm its authenticity.
    Jasmine–you can copy the website on this blog and I think a lot of us will try to give you some good advices.

  54. alli Says:

    eve- so, when you flip the zipper part inside out, the back of the heads don’t say riri? that’s too bad :-/ are you meaning the outside one though? because i thought just the rainbows should have that, not any solid colored ones. someone correct me if i’m wrong about that. i know the inside-pocket solid-colored ones aren’t riri.

    jasmine- if you can post links to pictures, people that read this, or the owner of this blog can definitely let you know.

  55. tokidokiblog Says:

    Alli, you are correct – only the zipper heads on the rainbow zippers should have “riri” stamped on them.

    Jasmine, have you checked out the Guide to Fake Tokidoki Bags on this site? It should help you out – if not, let us know.

  56. Eve Says:

    alli–I know the rainbow zippers got riri on them, but my major concern was with the 1st season tokidoki black scuola zipper color, because the one I got was black and not rainbow. Anyway, I went to the blog about that matter and I got more confused, apparently the blog were talking about the 1st season origincal pattern (don’t know the pattern name but they are the ones with only flowers and cactus) and not the black ones. My advice on the 1st season tokidoki print is Avoid buying them from Ebay–unless you know it is real for sure. ^_-

  57. Chris Says:

    Does anyone know if the SouthHampton store had a portatelefono in the winter 2006 print (citta rose)?

  58. maroon Says:

    Chris: No, they never had any citta or citta rosa prints. They do have inferno, paradiso and notte. Hope that helps!

  59. Meredith Says:

    Love this archive! Can’t wait for updates so I can collect what I’m missing!

  60. Shellie Says:

    I am interested in the gioco inferno. I have not seen one in person so I cannot get a feel for the size. After digging thru this site (I love it, btw!!) I came to realize that there are very few pics of the gioco and I was wondering 2 things…do you not like the gioco style? And do you have a photo of a person holding one. I took a look at Karmaloop and there is a photo of the Adios Star gioco with a girl holding it, but she looks like she is the size of a 10 year old so the bag looks huge!! Can you help?

  61. tokidokiblog Says:

    Shellie – I don’t own any Giocos. I am not personally a big fan of the style, but many people love it. I have tried it on at Macy’s before though, and I think Karmaloop’s photo is a good representation of the size.

  62. Shellie Says:

    Thank you for the comment. I am a fan of the Inferno pattern, but I need a bag that will fit me/and my stuff. Between my son and husband putting stuff in my bag and all the junk I have to take with me everywhere now since I had my braces put on….I need to find a big enough bag but I dont want to look like Im carrying luggage. The purse I use now is 10Hx10Lx5W. Any suggestions other than the gioco? And also, what is it about them you do not like?

  63. tokidokiblog Says:

    I wouldn’t say I don’t like the Gioco – it’s just not one of my favorite styles. I have considered getting one, but the shape doesn’t show off the print very well IMO, so I usually opt for a different style that does. I personally like the Buon Viaggio, Campeggio, Ciao Ciao and Zucca. If you like the Gioco though, don’t let me talk you out of it – get one! πŸ™‚

  64. Cori Says:

    Can you help me PLEASE~~~~
    I purchased a Tokidoki Citta Ciao on ebay June 13th and I purchased a Pirata Ciao also. I put the Citta Ciao back on ebay to sell it due to I did not need two. Someone has messaged me and said that it is a fake. I put both bags together they look the same the buttons, the material (tiny small squares that the material is made from),all the hooks say Lesportsac, the quee has a star, the chain is large, the hooks on this is silver not gold like the Pirata bag. Can you please help me. I have this on ebay it is ending soon. I have send an email to ebay for them to look into. It has a bid on so I do not know what I can do. I would never sell a fake and if it is I will contact me buyer and get my money that way. But to me it does look good. The lady said that they did not make a Citta Ciao, but maybe this is not the print and it is listed with the wrong print. Or maybe I have 2 fake purse’s, I have no idea.

  65. tokidokiblog Says:

    Cori – what would you like us to do to help? I can tell you that the lady is dead wrong and that Citta Ciaos were indeed made. As you can see, I have them listed here in this bag archive.

  66. Cori Says:

    Is there anyway you can go to the site and see if my bag looks to be authentic. I did see on your site that yes the Citta print was made and it is to have pink liner which it has. I believe my item number is 320128541356 It is the only Citta Ciao on the site (only 36 item) My auction ends tonight at 10:00. If you could help that would be great. And that you so much for your fast reply, I appreciate anything that you might be able to tell me.
    Thank you in advance,

  67. tokidokiblog Says:

    Cori, your bag is 100% real. Anyone who told you otherwise is just plain wrong!

  68. joanne Says:

    omg, i totally love this sight. i found it in the nick of time. it saved me from buying fakes off ebay. so before i bid on a tokidoki bag, i make sure to stop by this sight to check if the bag is indeed authentic. thanks again!!! you are doing a really good thing! keep up the good work!

  69. Cori Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP!!!! This site is the BEST, I have you on my favorites and I have told all of my friends about your site. Thank you again.

  70. Christina Says:

    Hi. I really like the original print and I know righ tnow, I can never buy it anywhere. I was wondering if you can help me out and tell me if this canguro is real.

    I just started to become a fan of tokidoki and just wanted to make sure it was 100% real. Thank you.

  71. Christina Says:

    and if not that one, how about this one

  72. alli Says:

    christina- seller of item# 270136255874 is a good seller, as far as i know. and they have better feedback than the other.

  73. shannon savage Says:

    thank you for this site it hella informed me, now where in the hell would i find the inferno dolce. i hella like that one but cant find it anywhere.

    any tips?

    ((email me plz..

  74. SnowSHOETokidoki Says:


  75. joanne Says:

    do you know which print was the most popular? and which was the least? i just bought a adios star dolce bag. i don’t really see much of the adios star. i wonder if it’s because it’s white?

  76. Eejit Says:

    Christina, if you still want an “original print,” LeSportsac has released a “2nd Edition” of that print in a few styles, which are available only through the LeSportsac outlets. They have silver hardware (not the original blue/green HW) and the regular qee (not meomi/dalek qees), but they are 25% off retail. Give the Southampton outlet a call and see what styles they have left, if you are interested.

  77. joanne Says:

    once again i would like to THANK YOU for this site. It has saved me from buying anymore fake tokidoki’s. now before i even think about bidding I refer back to the page to make sure everything is authentic. can’t wait to see all the tokidoki styles!

  78. tokidokiblog Says:

    To the last few commenters saying thank you – you’re welcome! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re enjoying the new updates.

    joanne – it seems like the most popular prints are Foresta and tan Playground. Least favorite I don’t know, but for me personally it’s Arancia. I think it’s just hideous. :p

  79. joanne Says:

    my daughter (like her mother) is now loving the tokidoki bags. she wants one for school. what bag would you recommend to be used as a book bag. thanks =)

  80. leslie Says:

    joanne – i’d probably go with a campeggio (measures 13x14x6). it’s a pretty good size messenger bag. there’s also the scuola (backpack style). if she’s putting in a lot of books, i’d probably go scuola (measures 12.5×11.25×5.25) if it’s just a few, i think the messenger is good. the campeggio would also be a great purse if she ever wants a big one.

  81. joanne Says:

    thanks leslie for the information! i decided to get her the campeggio!

  82. Carmen Says:

    Hi, I bought a tokidoki bag from eBay few days ago, and I just discovered this website, I wonder whether my bad is a real or a fake one, could you tell? Here is the bag I got.

    Please have a look for me, I trust your professional comment! Thanks!

  83. Kathy Says:

    I LOVE your site so much and have bookmarked it on all computers I have access to. I am looking at a Scuola on Ebay in the Paradiso print. It has a yellow lining and the seller has 100% postive feedback. Did Paradiso come in scuola? I like this style better than Nuvola and LOVE LOVE Paradiso, but don’t want to get ripped off. Thank you so much.

  84. renee Says:

    living in aus pretty much sucks!!

    i didnt buy the bag i wanted when it was out… and now if i can find it on ebay and its not a fake they wont ship to australia 😦

    i want the campeggio tokidoki print or maybe inferno print
    or the adios star print but in a campeggio which i dont think was made?

  85. Kathy Says:


    I sometimes have that problem living in Hawaii–Ebay sellers won’t ship to Hawaii. Do you have friends in the U.S. that you could use their shipping address? That is what I’ve done in the past. I wish you luck–I am constantly on Ebay and this site, doing my research to find the Tokidoki I want.

  86. tokidokiblog Says:

    Carmen – read my How to Avoid Fake Tokidoki Bags on eBay guide on this site for a primer on the difference between real and fake tokidoki bags & reassurance.

    Kathy – cool, glad to hear it! Yes, Paradiso bags came in Scuola.

    Renee – Every tokidoki print has been available in the Campeggio style. πŸ™‚

  87. margo Says:

    i’m really angry because i cant find the citta nuvola any were for less then $150 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really love the bags and i think citta is the best print it just to cute! please does any one know?

  88. LiNh Says:

    I only recently (kind of) discovered the tokidoki label when I was in NYC for a bit. It was last Christmas so the foresta line was out and I saw it in a Macy’s store but I couldn’t afford to get it. I’ve been trying to find it online but I can’t find it and I’m getting quite frustrated and sad. Can anyone help me??

  89. alli Says:

    Have you tried lesportsac, macys, nordstrom, planetfunk or ebay for example, LiNh? Those are some examples of places that sell tokidoki for lesportsac (online and in-store).

    $150 is less than that bag retailed for, margo.

  90. binks Says:

    Try Filene’s Basement.. I found Paradiso, Citta and Inferno prints for $109 in Scuola, $119 for Nuvola and Corriere styles. $69 for Bambino
    In Loehmans’ it’s about $10 more for those styles.

  91. binks Says:

    .. oh, and Trenino in Paradiso and Inferno prints were $189-ish at Filene’s Basement

  92. casualcollector Says:


    I was just wondering. Has anyone else had problems with the colors on the rainbow zippers coming off after a few weeks of using the Tokidoki bags? It’s not really that noticeable, but you can see that the color is slightly chipping off after repeated use of the zippers. I am not rough with my bags at all and I’m meticulous about trying to keep them clean so it is a little disappointing that after paying a good amount of money ( these bags are quite expensive), these bags don’t seem to be holding up as well as I expected them to. I do have 2 more brand new Tokidoki bags ( a Famigila in Gioco and a Citta Soula) but I have decided that I will just keep them in my closet as a collection instead of actually using them because I’m afraid that it might happen to these bags as well. I really do love these bags because they are so cute and plan on continuing on with my collection, but I don’t think that I will be using them on a regular basis because the hardware just doesn’t seem to hold up to the test. Just my opinion!

  93. allison Says:

    is this real? I know nothing about MMs & am not interested, but it’s used&starting @$100 if anyone’s interested. It looks real to me from pics, but I’d recommend pics of underneath the zipper head.

  94. tokidoki blog Says:

    allison – That bag is real.

    casualcollector – I have not had that problem with any of my bags.

  95. Sharon Says:

    I use my bambione and my wallet all the time and the zipper colors are good.

  96. casualcollector Says:

    thanks you guys for your responses. Maybe I’m being a tad bit too picky about the zippers!

  97. katsura Says:

    does anyone know what the interior is on the notte on sale on the lesportsac website? is it citta?

    btw love this site!! i’ve been looking for a listing of all the different styles and prints. keep up the good work!

  98. kaysta Says:

    i was shopping around the mall today and i saw a small collection at a store. there was this white waist bag, which i believe is the Canguro, and dam i fell in love with it immediately! but i don’t see anywhere that mentions a white edition to be ever included in the collection (white as in no other cartoonic prints). could it be a fake by any chance?? cause it sure felt like the ripi stop material. it was tagged for $125

  99. tokidoki blog Says:

    katsura – Yes, Notte has Citta inside. It’s the same Notte that I have pictured with the Winter 2006 Collection. And thanks! πŸ™‚

    kaysta – The white bag you saw is the Bianco print – I have mentioned as coming soon at the very bottom of this page’s text. It’s real!

  100. Delilah Says:

    Is the Pirata print really Winter 07? That seems like a mistake to me? :]

  101. Brie Says:

    Eeek!!!!!! I am in love with this blog!!! You are doing a great job on this blog tokidokiblog (if its okay for me to call you by that name)

    If anyone is interested in the Gioco style bag. I own one and here Adv. & Dis. On the Gioco.

    1. You can put a lot of stuff and it won’t feel heavy.
    2. Very nice style and the handels are great.
    3. Bag lays under you’re arm.
    4. Amazing front pocket
    5. Big enough to hold a magazine!

    1. Hard to reach for stuff when you have an emergancy.
    2. The bottom doesn’t have support so you items can go crazy.
    3. Won’t lay well when you put it on table or lap.
    4. Sometimes your items will fall out if you don’t put the bag on a table or something with a hard surface
    5. Some prints don’t look with the Gioco.

    Tokidoki Blog,

    You have the same taste of style bags as I do! I love Buon Viaggo.

  102. sakiwaki Says:

    yay! This weekend I was on a search for a tokidoki bag archive. Just one place where I could see images of all your prints and not have to deal with ads and other useless junk. hahah! thank you so much, this was very useful.

  103. tokidoki blog Says:

    Brie – hehe, you can call me tokidokiblog if you want to, or you can call me by name (Stephanie). πŸ™‚ And great pro/con list for the Gioco! I still consider getting one from time to time, but there are too many other styles that I like better and keep getting instead.

    sakiwaki – you’re welcome! more updates still to come.

  104. Alehtse Says:

    Hi Stephanie,greets from Mexico City thanks for all the information,keep the good work,you’re doing great Γ±_Γ± .ok let’s go: i saw a famiglia in dolce,does that bag really exist? and what’s the inside for famiglia print? thanks 4 your time.take care =)

  105. tokidoki blog Says:

    Alehtse – you’re welcome, and thanks! Famiglia Dolces do exist, and the inside color is orange.

  106. Alehtse Says:

    It’s me again Γ±_Γ± i know you’re a very very bussy girl,but if u could help me i would appreciate it!!!!! here’s the mentioned bag i’m interested in.


  107. tokidoki blog Says:

    Alehtse – that bag is real. The price the seller is charging is equal to $40 USD more than the retail price, though. If you can find a seller in the USA who is willing to ship to Mexico, I think you could get that bag for much cheaper.

  108. Brie Says:

    Thanks Stephanie! Not to mention that you are able to fit a pj set in the Gioco bag and still the bag won’t feel heavy.

    And don’t worry Step I have hard times to choose which style bag I should get. Like the Famigila bag. I originally wanted to get in Campeggino but my favourite characters weren’t on it then I saw the buon viaggo and it had all the characters I wanted and fell in love with how the print goes with the bag so I got it and now I am enjoying it.

    Now I want to get an Adios Star and having a hard time in which bag to get it.
    But I first want to get Adios Star and then tutti cause I need to see it in person.
    Now that I like the Buon Viaggo I might consider another one in Amore.

    Tokidoki bags are addicting.

  109. Alehtse Says:

    Steph,tnks for reply mi comments,it was so helpfull.I saw the famiglia dolce i love,unfortunately at this moment i don’t have the money,and the characters on these bags aren’t my favorites =) so i considered myself “lucky” with the bag on that link i posted.And yes,you’re right it’s more expensive than the others but i think it works for me,and think i must get it,because there’s no retailers at my country :S then,you can send me a bag or anything whenever you want XD

  110. joanne Says:

    Stephanie-THANKS for doing this. before i think about buying a bag on ebay i use this as a reference. i must be on ur site atlease 3x a day. thanks again and keep up the good work!

  111. Laundry Says:

    Thank you for this! Hopefully it will help me in determining the fakes on E-bay!

  112. tokimagic Says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    Thanks to this great archive and the “Avoiding Fakes” blog I knew Tokidoki bags inside and out before ever having seen one in person. It has really helped me find the real deal when purchasing on eBay. Only recently discovering the cuteness, I am a new addict, and can only buy discontinued bags from eBay.

    THANK YOU!! for all your long, hard work, Tokidoki blog!!

  113. tokidoki blog Says:

    You’re welcome, everyone! πŸ™‚

  114. tokimagic Says:

    Do you plan to ever have the full swatches of every print added to the archive? It is awsome as is, I was just wondering because it would show ALL the characters and scenes of the prints. [like the Tutti you just posted]. This would help when choosing print placemment.

    I want a bag with this cutie, and this one, and THIS one … you get the idea. =)

  115. tokidoki blog Says:

    tokimagic – I don’t have full swatches for every print. I would post them if I did!

  116. sxxydoll Says:

    hey can any of you verify if this bag is a fake? Its on ebay..
    Everything looks perfect except the qee got ripped off.. says the seller

    Item number: 280130702791

    Thank You so much!

  117. sxxydoll Says:

    Also does anyone know where I can buy the Green Meomi qee back?

  118. joanne Says:

    you can get the meomi qee on ebay! i saw an auction for 3 qee, including the meomi one.

  119. sxxydoll Says:

    Yeah but too bad the bidding price is way too high, i’m not a collector I just want to replace the old qee that got ripped off..

  120. NiseBaby Says:

    sxxydoll-it looks real to me. u got a real good deal on a bag that is no longer made. but to make sure it’s real look under the zipper it should have engraved “riri”.

  121. Princess M Says:

    I am looking for the angel and evil line from winter 2006. They are not sold in department stores any more…so hard to find…sos

  122. NiseBaby Says:

    Princess…the Angel “PARADISO” and Devil “INFERNO” arent’ sold at stores no more. they are older prints. you might be able to find them in the Lesportsac outlets but you best bet is EBAY!

  123. sxxydoll Says:

    The zipper as in the metal green thing?

    Anyone else want to help confirm if my bag is real?

    The item number again is: 280130702791

  124. NiseBaby Says:

    sxxydoll-check the zipper
    here is a picture of where the “riri” would be

  125. alli Says:

    sxxydoll: what makes you think it’s not real?

  126. sxxydoll Says:

    Well the seller who sold it to me was listed on the fake ebay sellers list.. but everything seems so real

  127. sxxydoll Says:

    Oh and thanks NiseBaby, it does say riri under the zipper!

  128. alli Says:

    ah,sxxydoll i see now. they sell fakes and a couple real ones mixed in. so strange. as long as it’s got ‘riri’ you’re ok though πŸ˜€

  129. NiseBaby Says:

    yah, i checked out this sellers auction…looks like everything she sold was real, except one thing. but as i searched more, it looks like she bought it from someone on ebay and re-sold it. hmm..maybe he/she was unaware of authenticity

    but i know if “riri” is there, it’s real.

  130. alli Says:

    if someone bought a fake from ebay and resold it, they definitely knew it was a fake.

  131. NiseBaby Says:

    i think that is so sad that people make fakes. i would be so angry if i spent my money and then got a couterfeit tokidoki. people have no shame!

  132. sxxydoll Says:

    But in some countries they make counterfeits for people who know it is counterfeits haha… I don’t think it is all that bad for fakes, as long as you KNOW it is a fake.. some people just can’t afford the real deal so they get a replica of it or they just rather not spend their life savings on one..

  133. Linda Says:

    Well my birthdays coming up in like october… So far away… But my mother promised me a bag, cause the ones they have right now are abit ugh. Brown I hate, and the black and white just a bit blank faced. But i can’t wait, eeeeeh! I’d rather spend extra cash for the real thing then some imitation.

  134. adiosciaociao Says:

    hello. hopefully you all can help me with my question.. i am interested in purchasing the spiaggia ciao ciao on ebay. i was wondering if the prints of each bag are matched corner to corner for every bag made in this type. i’ve notice that some characters were in different places as i searched.. or perhaps could this be because the prints are cut differently when making each bag????

    looking forward to the response.. (hopefully i make sense! =)

  135. NiseBaby Says:

    adiosciaociao-yah all bags are made different. that is what makes them unique. everyone has a different print placment.

  136. Carol Says:

    Hi tokidoki blog,

    I have read your “how to avoid fake…” but would still appreciate if you can tell me if this is authentic as I’ve never bought anything from ebay before and am worried of fakes…..

    link to yahoo auction

    Thanks a million! U’re the best! =)

  137. sxxydoll Says:

    Linda- yah definately! Tokidoki is worth spending that extra cash since its only 2bills, but if we’re talking about the more expensive brands like lv and stuff like that, its kind of pointless spending that extra cash when everyone else will think its fake anyway since there are so many replicas. The thing is with replicas is that, some are actually made with REAL genuine leather, and placement and everything is right just that its not actually manufactured by the real company itself. But oh well everyone has a different preference with their bags, some don’t mind its fake as long as it looks like the real thing=)

    Ps. my birthday is coming up too in oct *high 10*

  138. Brie Says:


    Tokidoki Blog wont be here for a while. But I can tell you that the item see on Yahoo Auctions in Singapore looks real but to be on the safe side ask the seller for more close up pics like the inside (Which is suppose to be green) and the zipper on the inside (which has to say “riri”). And the print cannot say “Flowers Spring” it must say “Tokidoki for Lesportsac”.

    Hope it helps.

  139. J Says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting this up! I have a question. I recently bought a buon viaggio, i think its from the winter collection above. Its notte outside and citta print inside from Macys. But its 2007 right now! Why would Macy’s have an old season bag? I also saw the blaco and adios star bag! Also, Is it true that Tokidoki might be discontinued from Macy’s?

  140. Sharon Says:

    I have never seen a Corriere (sp?) bag in person. How is this bag carried..shoulder? waist? The shape looks so different to me. I just can’t figure it out by looking at the photo. Thanks for the help!

  141. Grain Says:

    Hello Tokidoki Blog,

    I’ve just bought a Stellina in Notte (inside Citta Print) and it comes with the new Adios Toy. Do you think this is the first re-release of the old prints? cos’ the original would have come with the Tokidoki Qee right?

    It would be great if they release the playground print again .. I’ve been longing to get one ..

  142. tokidoki blog Says:

    Sharon – I have never tried a Corriere on so I can’t answer for sure, but I’d guess that it sits at the hip.

    Grin – no, your bag is definitely not a re-release of old prints. It’s not even definite the re-releases will be happening yet, but if they do, it won’t be until next year. The solid color bags keep getting recycled with new seasons of tokidoki bags, so it’s normal for them to be around for multiple seasons.

  143. Lydia Says:

    Thank you so much for this guide! It’s enormously helpful.

  144. Laura Says:

    Hi, this is so helpful!

    I cant wait till you post up the 2007 summer collection and the rest of the spring collection. I want to check my spiaggia buon viaggio and tutti dolce to make sure they are the real thing, and also to see if there is a pirata design in zucca, if not I will go for a paradiso or citta anyways.

    Thanks again!

  145. tokimagic Says:

    I love this archive!! Hope you add the rest of the collections soon, we know it’s a lot of work. Thanks again!!

  146. tokimagic Says:

    Laura – The Zucca DOES come in the Pirata Print. The incredibly tough decision is picking between the three!! =)

  147. tokimagic Says:

    It would be great to add the MSRP to the bag styles in the archive. For those of us shopping on eBay it would be a really big help, especially for the older retired bag styles that we cannot look up on

    Just my two cents. Thanks!!

  148. Kayla Says:

    link to ebay auction

    that link showed a picture and the qee is attached to a keychain….

    i almost purchased it as well!

  149. Kayla Says:

    and that was style2034

  150. Kayla Says:

    also, the other one i wanted to buy


  151. alli Says:

    what’s wrong with those, kayla? they’re both the amore/l’amore print which has a pink inside.. the qee should always be on a keychain.

  152. tokidoki blog Says:

    Lydia – you’re welcome!

    tokimagic – very good idea about adding prices to this archive – I will try to add them this week. πŸ™‚

  153. Girlstar Says:

    Hi! I just discovered Tokidoki bags, and this is an awesome site. I checked out all the photos and bag styles before ordering my first one from the outlet in WA state.

    But I think I just did something really stupd. You know that chain that comes with the bag – the one the little black booklet is attached to? Was I supposed to keep that and wear it on the bag? I tossed it out. 😦

  154. tokimagic Says:

    Yay!! Thanks tokidoki blog!!

  155. Sharon Says:

    Oops…Girlstar…I keep the chain on my bags and wallet. I just like the way it looks. And I hand the qee on my bags as well…cause I like cute.

  156. Irene Says:

    Hi! I also just discover Tokidoki bags this summer, but i didnt by one yet….i would like to have the Campeggio style bag. is there any way to tell the reals from the fakes? (on ebay, of course) or do i have to just go by the list of user names in the blog?

    also does different color/style come out each season? so the tutti and the trasporto is for fall 2007, rite?
    will it be a long time before the winter versions come out?
    can i find most of the older versions on eBay? or is there other places too?

    well…as u can see i am a tokidoki neebie! πŸ™‚

  157. alli Says: –tons of ways, Irene.

  158. FAKE SELLER? Says:

    Ok I’m going to make this sweet and short, so last night I was browsing around for some rare tokidoki bella bella bags. I found a seller who sells then, awesome. I msg her kindly for some authentic pictures of the bag, and thats when she/he gets all defenceless about herself. And this is a seller listed on the REAL tokidoki sellers list by the way, which I find very ironic now after coming into a very unpleasant conversation with her and her listed item. So after kindly asking her for some authentic pictures and some sides of the bad she yells back at me saying her pictures already shows sides of the bag when CLEARLY its a weird angle of the top. My response was telling her that and her response comes to this:

    “you have zero feedback, you want to kill me on the price, you want me to prove its authenticity when i have excellent feedback and have been selling them for almost two years now then you expect me to be an expert cameraman too and give you a ton of photos at every angle should i just stand on top of my head and take them? Some of these other ebayers have very fancy cameras and tripods and stuff I dont! I am sure I know what you really want the bag for anyways !”

    – theflossyflossy

    Ps. she has never sent me one single picture at the end, she threatened to sue me if I wanted to post our conversation somewhere.

    Is it so wrong for a 0 feedback buyer to ask for authentic pictures of the item BEFORE i buy it?

  159. FAKE SELLER? Says:

    PS. here is the url of the item

  160. FAKE SELLER? Says:

    Its honestly a really nice bag but just because she has 100% feedback doesn’t mean I should base my entire trust on it o_0

  161. alli Says:

    “FAKE SELLER?” –the list of sellers that sell the real thing does not account for anyone’s character. they could be huge a–holes, but if they sell the real thing,they’re listed.

  162. FAKE SELLER? Says:

    Oh is it? Oh well.. I just thought she might be a fake because she kept avoiding the topic when I kept telling her if shes so confident about herself, why is she so afraid to show me some simple pictures. Oh well still a bad seller to me, don’t even know how to communicate. Sorry for the long story guys.

  163. fe Says:

    ‘fake seller’ – i hv asked questions (very politely) regarding tokidoki bags from theflossyflossy, not a very nice person in replying email.

  164. alli Says:

    FAKE SELLER? – yeah, sorry about your experience with that seller..i’ve only heard bad things about her’s too bad she has such nice stuff alwyas:?

  165. thefloss Says:

    With regards to FAKE SELLERS comment above they are no longer a registered user on ebay and were last I checked being investigated by ebay trust and safety in Canada! They also edited out a lot more of the conversation in which they said a lot of nasty things.

  166. Deborah Says:

    Can someone please help out. Were there any L’Amore purses ever, sold with a “addios quee” (black skeleton man). I have seen some with them, so either the purse is real and they came with that qee, or the purse is real and switched qees, or the purse and qee is FAKE?

  167. Liz Says:

    Where do you buy genuine bags from?? :S i can’t find them anywhere…. could you name some web sites or give me some ideas please πŸ™‚ thanks

  168. david Says:

    I just bought one for my girl at MetroPark, they have these bag on sale (fire sale!), we got a REALLY cute shoulder bag in woodfield mall (Chicago Suburb) for like 60 bucks… good luck ^^

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