If you are reading this…

… you are reading the old version of Tokidoki Blog.

We have moved to a new home:
Tokidoki Blog is now at www.tokidoki-blog.com.

This will be the last post made on the old WordPress blog and the last post that subscribers to our old Livejournal feed will see. Please update your bookmarks and links to Tokidoki Blog @ http://www.tokidoki-blog.com and subscribe to our new Livejournal feed.


3 Responses to “If you are reading this…”

  1. James Says:

    Did you know you could use a .htaccess file to automatically redirect users of the RSS feed and proably this site to your new site/rss feed.

    Redirect https://tokidokiblog.wordpress.com/feed/ http://www.tokidoki-blog.com/feed/

  2. tokidoki blog Says:

    Hey James – I did read about that in the WordPress forums, but I would rather have people make the switch on their own rather than redirecting them and having them possibly not notice that we’ve moved.

  3. grzzap Says:

    Nice Site!

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