List of eBay Users Who Sell Real tokidoki Bags & Clothes

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  1. Elisabetta Says:

    Here are 2 more sellers:

    theflossyflossy – overpriced
    tragiclude875 – reasonably priced

    Thanks for all the info and all the great work Stephanie.

  2. MarissaBee Says:

    I just bought a portatelefono from beautifully*big*duds and I’m very happy with it! It was very reasonably priced, too.

  3. alli Says:


  4. tokidoki blog Says:

    Great additions, keep them coming! It pained me a little to add theflossyflossy because their items are SO overpriced, but then again I’m sure that people can figure that out for themselves.

  5. Updated List of eBay Users Who Sell Fake tokidoki Bags « Tokidoki Blog Says:

    […] Also check out the new list of eBay users who sell real tokidoki bags and clothes. […]

  6. skepticism Says:


  7. tokidoki blog Says:

    I will keep an eye on coolcoolqeestore – I only see 4 tokidoki bag sales in their feedback, so they haven’t quite reached the 10 bags in 2 months minimum yet.

  8. Kiesha Says:


  9. alli Says:

    chezmia/mia store
    mcgowans2000/AAA COACH HANDBAGS
    mderogers/M&D Online Purse Outlet
    wilsonbatman/best dress kids
    fuzzygrizzly/Fuzzy’s Fashions
    mariemac1961/emayzing outlet

  10. Christine Dior Says:

    Hiyee =)

    Uhhhhh didn’t you buy bags from 73papasmurfs? I think I read that somewhere in your older blogs…. and to think I was about to purchase a tokidoki from that same person. Sad T__T

  11. Serene Says:

    I bought a Paradiso Ciao Ciao from 73papasmurfs. I tot she provides great service. I had trouble with paypal. She kindly kept the item for me even though e listing has ended, while I sort out problem with paypal. And considering that it was my first time using ebay and I had no feedback at all. And she’s very prompt in replying mails which is great!

  12. happysmoke Says:

    flossyflossy is overpriced BUT items have DYNAMITE print placement.Comes with lesportsac bag, and came to my house within two days. A lot of her items have print placement that I haven’t seen on other tokidoki bags and she carries the rare stuff like mamma mias and caramellas.

  13. Kiesha Says:

    Christine Dior: this list is for ebay sellers who sell REAL tokidoki items. not fake. 🙂

  14. Laura Says:

    hazelmei sells genuine tokidoki

  15. tokidoki blog Says:

    Seller hazelmei is up to 5 of the minimum of 10 tokidoki sales visible in their seller feedback over a minimum period of 2 months to be included on the list.

  16. ChristineDior Says:

    ;p my bad

  17. Jenny Says:

    Elisabetta: you are right, the seller theflossyflossy marked the stuffs too expensive, even though some of the print are really good. I understand some of the print is no longer available, but the price is un-reasonable.

  18. Jenny Says:

    By the way, I brought a Adios Dolce from seller derudoi, and I receive a really good service. I’ve got my bag within a week after I paid.

  19. Brie Says:

    I agree with you Stephanie!

    Although I am not 18 to hold a credit card I do look at ebay to see what it is like. And I have seen theflossyflossy prices on ebay and the are mightyjacked up prices! Yeah they are good placements but at the same I can buy 2 Cucciolos insted of 1 with her price. I keep forgetting to mention to you Steph about making a list of real tokidoki ebay sellers but you beat me.

    I plan to sell some of my dooney’s and Tommy Hilfigure clothes on ebay but I don’t meet age(17) and don’t have a credit card. So I have to wait.

  20. pinkninja Says:

    73papasmurf is awesome to deal with and if you tell her what you are looking for she’ll help get it and give you a great deal 🙂

  21. Veronica Says:

    I agree about 73papasmurf. She sometimes she gives a free gift with purchase . She responds to questions right away , friendly , and is always patient with concerns . I buy with confidence from her .

  22. michelle Says:

    I have bought from mjordan on ebay. Very fast shipping and breat bags.

  23. Lisa Says:

    I bought an authentic Transporto scuola backpack from onegirlstrash2. It also arrived in one week. Her prices are just a few $s higher than retail but have wonderful print placement.

  24. Sue Says:

    Hi – I just wanted to say that I just received a Famliglia print Bambione from Vipfashions and it came no problems and was reasonably priced – didn’t have to pay duty (I live in Canada) and it was mint – new with tags and everything so I totally recommend them!

  25. mia1976 Says:

    I bought a 9515 – Buon Viaggio paradiso from angeltrove. Its genuine, has all tags and qee on. Brand new, quick delivery even though I live in the UK and communication was excellent. Recommend her highly!!!!

  26. kathy Says:

    Where do all of these sellers get their bags? UniqueThreads is selling so many bags at once.

  27. Y. Chiong Says:

    Hi there, I have sold Tokidoki for Lesportsac (Buon Viaggios, Mamma Mias, denaros, caramellas, etc) & Tokidoki clothing (hoodies, tees) on Ebay. All 100% authentic, new with tags/qee attached, you can check out my 100% positive feedback. I have receipts for all my items, so if a buyer wants the receipt I will gladly send a copy of the receipt.

    I started selling Tokidoki since Tokidoki for LeSportsac season one. My Ebay name is TopChiong.

    In the next few weeks I will be posting some Tokidoki items autographed by Simone Legno himself (the creator & artist of Tokidoki). You can check them out on Ebay. I am a huge Tokidoki fan myself and have met Simone twice (he’s super nice). My policy is that since I am a huge fan I hate fakes and I would not like to buy fakes for myself nor would I sell them to others.
    Thank you!!

  28. starz_nova Says:

    wow steph, thanks for the tabulation….

  29. Charity Says:

    Many thanks to you for this site! A good friend of mine and I have just gotten into Tokidoki bags. This site has helped us to spot the fakes with ease and confidence!

  30. Masami Says:

    Thank you SO much for putting this together!! I waited to buy the Adios print bag and then they were all gone! 😦 But now thanks to this list I’m getting my beloved print! This will the third addition to my small little bag collection 😀

  31. Tonyro Says:

    Does anyone know if the some of the metallic tokidoki qees on ebay are real or fake? I wanted to buy, but not sure if the deal is too good to be true. The item number on Ebay is: 260159076865-for 6 qees. Thanks!

  32. alli Says:

    metallic qees are real, Tonyro

  33. Chuti Says:

    @ mia1976: Did you have to pay any duty/VAT when you ordered the bag to be delivered in UK? I just wana make sure you know cos i really wana buy the Tokidoki bag on Ebay from 73papasmurfs but a bit worried about the whole duty/VAT thing >_<

  34. TokiYesse Says:

    Tragiclude875 is real Tokidoki bag seller through my personal experience. Bought 2 bags from him. Great Bgas

  35. Christina Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find some of the spring prints from 2006 online? I can’t find any…

  36. Julie Says:

    Does anyone know where I could get a backpack with the 2006 spring print (it has a cactus girl)? Need to get it for a friend but now sure if it’s even a possibility.

  37. tokidoki blog Says:

    Julie – One might pop up on eBay. That’s pretty much the only hope for finding one at this point.

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