Updated List of eBay Users Who Sell Fake tokidoki Bags

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  1. ChristineDior Says:

    what a shame =(

  2. Meg Says:

    Indeed.. one that lionline88 is selling is really cute too. I feel bad for the person who buys it. ):

  3. Tori Says:

    here’s another fake ;_;

  4. Meredith Says:

    Thanks for this list! I’d love a list of reputable sellers too!

  5. alli Says:

    sotalli—all fakes too. and poeny3b has a fake one up, and RAINBOWCODE

  6. jenn Says:

    this person(store) has a bunch of fakes!

  7. Alice Says:

    So I noticed something…

    this mickey-pooh105’s auction for a Fake


    this is mnsist’s auction for a Real one (at least I believe it’s real since I see the “doki” inking issue on the amore bag):

    Doesn’t the font and coloring look similar/same?? Tsk tsk!!

  8. KM Says:

    Dont forget the aussie sellers!


  9. Sabs Says:

    KooKaManga sells fakes?! i was looking at a bag that was being sold by them!

  10. tokidokiblog Says:

    Sabs – yes, KooKaManga sells ONLY (really, really bad) fake Tokidoki bags. Do not buy from them!

  11. How to avoid fake Tokidoki bags on ebay « Tokidoki Blog Says:


  12. Leah Says:

    What ebay users do sell real tokidoki bags?

  13. Leslie Says:

    I just found this one: 51620babe_angel

  14. Leslie Says:

    Ebayers that I’ve noticed that sell real tokidoki bags are:

    This one is weird though because it’s obvious that one of them is a fake but I’m not sure about the other 2 tokidokis:

  15. alli Says:

    I wouldn’t trust it. Their feedback mentions fakes, even some of the positive “Shipping was super quick! But, not totally convinced its authentic”

  16. sara Says:

    hey the seller kitten_kandy has a website & they are selling fake tokidokis on there as well!! can you belive that??? i emailed lesportsac to give them a heads up if they didnt already know

  17. danielle Says:

    does anyone know if vipfashions sells real ones? because i found the exact bag i want & they’re the only one selling it


  18. deb Says:

    Another fake Tokidoki bag seller:

  19. tokidokiblog Says:

    danielle – vipfashions sells real bags. I have bought from them before.

    Everyone else – keep posting new sellers that you find who sell fakes! I am adding them all to the list.

  20. Leslie Says:

    Such a cute fake too.


  21. Moonlit_Dream (from ebay) Says:

    I just bought a tokidoki FAKE from sotalli, I found out about this site through a friend of mine, I wrote to Ebay about this seller/item. HOpefully they’ll get banned for such false advertising I just thought it was real since it had a LeSportsac tag right on it :/ I thought I was getting a bargain. *sigh* Scammers really blow.

  22. Alice Says:

    Lol “designer inspired” djrod1rep

  23. dangster Says:

    This can’t be real, can it?

  24. dangster Says:

    This one looks iffy too.

  25. tokidokiblog Says:

    Dangster, the first bag is real. Bags that look like that are from a collaboration that Tokidoki has with a non-Lepsortsac bag company in Europe only. Not sure what’s up with the second bag though. It doesn’t look like a Tokidoki item.

  26. deb Says:

    Another fake?
    ebay link

    I looked at the feedback, and although it’s 100%, the other tokidoki bags SAY “guaranteed 100% authentic” this one doesn’t. Comparing it to another on ebay of the same type bag, bambino, everything is different, including the zipper pull. Am I right?

  27. Leslie Says:

    Here’s a new one: chickwithink

  28. allison Says:

    dangster–i’ve seen both of those bags on european websites. theyre not lesportsac, but as far as i know they’re both real.

    Leslie– i can’t believe their starting bid is $50 for that ugly fake. Definitely not worth it. probably from baghaus.

  29. Delilah! Says:

    This is a new one too! :[

    EBAY USER= kitten_kandy

    Take a look!

  30. tokidokiblog Says:

    deb – tragiclude875 uses a combination of very blurry poor quality photos, and stock photos, so it is hard to tell what is going on. The L’Amore bags they list look real, but I would definitely ask for more photos before buying.

    Delilah, kitten_kandy is on the list. 🙂

  31. Christina Says:

    wow how can you guys tell that is fake?

  32. Leslie Says:

    Here’s one more for the list:


    allison: I can’t believe people would pay for that. It’s such a hideous knock off.

    Christina: This link tells you how to spot a fake.

  33. alli Says:

    This list is great&helpful. tokidoki blog rules (if i’ve never said that before) and i want to thank you for your blog!

  34. alli Says:

    Seller: retro*glam*boutique
    sells fake hoodies.

    fake bags:
    sphynxlvr – wasn’t there no zucca til citta? & the inside zipper pull is blank & does NOT say lesportsac.

  35. tokidokiblog Says:

    alli – you’re welcome! and thanks for the list of additional sellers who sell fakes, I added them all (as well as everyone else’s additions – thanks!).

  36. joanne Says:

    ok, won an auction for a tokidoki carmella (i think that is what is called) but after bidding and winning i actually read up on fakes, and it is TOTALLY FAKE. wrong design, wrong color, just wrong, wrong wrong! do you know if ebay will let me retract my bid. i don’t want to purchase a fake. HELP!

  37. tokidokiblog Says:

    Joanne – I don’t think you can retract your bid after winning an auction. I think you will need to file an “item significantly not as described” claim with ebay to get your money back.

  38. joanne Says:



  39. Christina Says:

    Ugh. I just bought one. It is a knock-off Luna Foresta from the italiankit guy. The thing is, I like it better than the Luna cause it is bigger and has pockets on the front. I didn’t see if was a fake until I was looking through the feedback and saw where this person bought it from, and it had an extra picture with the pockets on the front, and I couldn’t find that design anywhere.

    What should I do about this? Just report it to ebay? I actually would like to keep it, and I didn’t get taken for hundreds (just 27.00).

  40. alli Says:

    ugly fake on ebay UK

  41. tokidokiblog Says:

    joanne – Sorry that happened to you. At least now you know how to spot fake bags for future reference!

    Christina – If you want to keep the bag, you should just treat it as a normal transaction. If you report the bag as a fake to ebay, you will have to return it to the seller and get a refund.

  42. Christina Says:

    I decided not to. It’s just supporting more people stealing artists work. I hadn’t paid yet, so I just filed it and the chips will land where they may.

    Now I need to find some real ones on sale!

  43. tokidokiblog Says:

    Good for you Christina, you made the right decision. 🙂

  44. Kaiti Says:

    cynandmaddie has at least one fake Tokidoki bag for sale on ebay now.

  45. tokidokiblog Says:

    Kaiti, you are right – I added cynandmaddie to the list. Both of the tokidoki bags that (s)he has for sale right now are fake.

  46. alli Says:

    moto17869 100% authentic ‘Flowers’ Spring’ Tokidoki LeSportsac bag.

  47. MoonBunny Says:

    Does anyone else bother reporting them to eBay? I bookmarked the report counterfeit items link and keep sending in various items, but eBay doesn’t seem to give a shit. Anyone else noticed?

  48. MoonBunny Says:

    Hey everyone,

    If we all keep reporting the same sellers on eBay with their easy “report counterfeit” link then maybe we can oust these people who are knowingly selling fake Toki stuff.

    By the way, you can remove Nebulous from the list — I contacted her and she was horrified that her bag was a fake and pissed about whoever sold it to her. She ended the listing so no one could bid on the item.

  49. joanne Says:

    hey y’all…i need help. i’ve been looking for a cammo playground in the mamma mia style…do you all think this is real???

  50. alli Says:


  51. Amy Says:


    I am not sure if this is a fake or not on eBay. The pics look real enough but the seller is very new…. “chink14k”. Also there is this ‘beautifully*big*duds’ he seemed to have sold a lot but the pictures seem to show the bag not as genuine. Can someone confirm? Thanks.

  52. alli Says:

    joanne i think it’s real, but what makes you think it’s not? i dont know that print&style together that well, but i dont see anything. did you ask for more pics or one of under the zipper head?

    amy chink14k’s stuff looks real, just with fuzzy pics, like they used a camera phone maybe or have an old digicam maybe, but always ask for more pics if you feel uncomfortable. i think beautifully*big*duds sells all real stuff.

    I hate fakes:

    her fakes are so nasty.

    this nasty beast of a fake went for $186!!! POOR GIRL!!!!

    And now this nasty fake hoody is going for $132.50, when it cost $20 I think in whatever store someone saw it in, AND it’s fake!! ughhh

  53. dangster Says:

    On occasion, I’ll report the counterfeit listings ebay. I think it IS working, I’m not seeing loads of fake bags like I had a month ago.

  54. Olivia Says:

    Wish I’d seen this before I bid on my bag a few weeks ago. It’s still a cute bag, but it’s not the official brand.

  55. renee Says:

    i am desperatly trying to find a bag, im super fussy and wish i had have just bought the one that i want when it came out, but i couldnt get my bf to understand why i wanted to spend so much money on a bag 😦

    im glad i came across this though otherwise i probably would have made a big mistake..

  56. Indigo Says:

    A bunch of fake Tokidoki and LeSportsac..


    Seller : needlepointcrazed

  57. tokidokiblog Says:

    joanne – sorry for the late reply, but that bag is fake. The qee is missing the star on its left arm.

  58. tokidokiblog Says:

    Also, I have updated the list per everyone’s recent comments! (Note also that I double-check each seller listed to be sure I’m giving out correct info).

  59. spacerocket Says:

    tokidokiblog, thanks for the informative site and guide. Really appreciate it.

    Also, appreciate if any readers here can help me identify if this bag is authentic.

    I intend to purchase it, and the name of the seller chezmia is not on the list of fake sellers..


  60. quynh Says:

    Wish I knew about this before. None of the stores in my area had the print that I wanted (which is L’amore) so off to ebay I went.

    I bought one from tragiclude875 and derudoi. I checked all of their feedbacks and it seemed ok. there was no mention about fakes. So at least I know one is going to be ok. The other we’ll find out soon enough. I paid through paypal and have our email exchanges so hopefully everything will pan out.

    I think paypal will refund your money, if not your credit card should do it without too much hassle. You just fill out a form.

    the strange thing is before i found this i was looking at ebay at some lesportsac bags in general. i found one that had the Junebug design with tokidoki tags and qee being sold as a tokidoki bag. how bad is that? the auction ended so i can’t find it anymore, but there were a couple more bags from that person that looked like it was missing the tags.

  61. quynh Says:

    hey I think i found a fake one.

  62. alli Says:

    quynh the stuff tragiclude875 has up now, well one is a stock photo, but the one with real photos looks real. derudoi sells real stuff. i’m sure tokidokiblog will confirm this for you. & that is definitely a fake you found. that person is in the list ^^.

    spacerocket what makes you think it may not be? i don’t have any backpack style bags, so I’m not best to answer, but I think it’s real. You could ask for pics of underneath the head of the rainbow zippers to know for certain.

  63. alli Says:

    fur1111 -fake

    kokostyle&jessicasbizarregifts’ fakes are SO ugly. Have you [or has anyone who reads this) reported them to LeSportsac or tokidoki.it before?
    These people have no right to make money off of illegal copies of Simone’s creations.

  64. Quynh Says:

    Hey I got my bag from tragiclude875 and from what I can tell it’s real! I was worried as she wasn’t listed as one of the ones who sold real items. Also she only had one picture of the bag that I bought. I did asked her about tags and qee, but no other pictures.

  65. Notblueatall@yahoo.com Says:

    I am so new to this and I had no idea there were counterfeit Tokidoki bags. I am appalled and shocked and angry because I bought a paradiso nuvola from cynandmaddie on eBay! I paid $100 for this thing and it’s a total fake (though very convincing).
    I am asking for my money back and will report them if they don’t comply, but what else can I do??! This stinks. Thanks for your informative site! Keep it up! People like me need yOU!

  66. tto.kee Says:

    i think this is a fake too

  67. Kathy Says:

    triclude875–I emailed her to ask the color of the lining on this canguro and she told me beige. So now I KNOW it is fake!
    Perhaps she should be added to the list?

  68. mona Says:

    i am pretty peeved that i didnt find this site earlier, just purchased a “tokidoki” bag from ebay user a_signature in australia…on the auction listing some came with qee and others didnt, found that kind of funny…
    it looks quite good but the design is wrong and the metal harware is just plain…the zips are rainbow though, a friend informed me not to buy any without the rainbow zips, too bad this fake one has quite a good knock off of the real zips…

  69. tokidokiblog Says:

    Notblueatall@yahoo.com – you’re welcome, and I hope you get your refund!

    tto.kee – can you explain what makes you think that bag is fake? I see no indications of fakeness at all there.

    Kathy – tragiclude875’s auction photos are such poor quality that it’s hard to tell what is going on, although they do appear to be real. Maybe she mistook “lining” for the color of the edges of the bag rather than the interior?

    mona – sorry that happened to you, but it’s good that you’ll know better next time.

  70. Sarah Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this bag is real? I’m still new at this.

  71. tokidoki blog Says:

    Sarah – that’s a stock photo. You would need to ask the seller for photos of the actual bag for sale to determine its authenticity. A zero feedback seller who only uses stock photos is most likely selling fakes, however. Check my Guide to tokidoki Fakes on eBay for more info.

  72. Natalie Says:

    aom-eve is an ebay seller who should be added to the list of frauds.

  73. Natalie Says:

    Will someone please help me figure out the authenticity of this one?

    Thanks 🙂

  74. tokidoki blog Says:

    Natalie – I added aom-eve to the list. And LOL @ the bag in that link!

  75. Emilie Says:

    I was also shocked to see this list of fakers and I was bidding on a fake Tokidoki bag sell on Ebay by Neremisi (Lesportsac tokidoki backpack 9517 Scuola Citta : object number 250145210786)
    Fortunately, a member of Ebay prevents me of this fake (“angryazreal” that I thanks a lot and who link me to your site).
    I don’t know if I have to denounce him to Ebay? But I cancel it!

  76. Emilie Says:

    I’m sorry to disturb you but I don’t want to make another mistake and bid a fake Tokidoki…
    So anybody can tel me if the object number 230154089810 sell by maryjiaran (http://myworld.ebay.fr/maryjiaran/) isn’t a fake.
    Currently, I think it’s a real one because there is the tokidoki key, the rainbow zipper and this person is a feedback seller.
    Thanks in advance to help me…

  77. tokidoki blog Says:

    Emilie – I checked the auctions for both item numbers that you posted, and the photos of both bags show real items.

    However, ebay user neremisi has been known to sell fake tokidoki bags (like this one) and has prior negative feedback for selling fake items, so I am leaving that user on this list. That user may be likely to pull a bait and switch (real item in photo, fake item mailed to you) due to their past history of selling fakes.

  78. niku Says:

    some more sellers of fake bags that I’ve found:


  79. tokidoki blog Says:

    niku – good eye, I added them to the list.

  80. Lily Says:

    beautifully*big*duds……. i wanna buy a bag from him. is his stuff real? cuz i cant tell…. =X

  81. Kathy Says:

    Add blue-diamond20 to the list. Looks like a Pirata, but with beige straps????? Feel sorry for the person who bought it!

  82. tokidoki blog Says:

    Kathy – the auction that you posted shows a (very real) stock photo of a Playground Canguro. Something is fishy about that auction because the other thumbnail is a closeup of the Spiaggia print, but it’s impossible to tell from those stock photos if the seller’s items are real or not.

  83. KM Says:

    Heres a new Aussie fake

  84. tokidoki blog Says:

    KM – thanks, added!

  85. alli Says:

    2 more:

  86. alli Says:

    AND harajuku-me

  87. alli Says:


  88. tokimagic Says:

    What the?? Is this guy serious?


  89. tokimagic Says:

    The list strikes again!! He’s already on it!! Good work tokidoki blog!!

  90. tokidoki blog Says:

    alli – Added pixxyza and xleader_of_the_packx to the list (harajuku-me & honeybumbum are already on it).

  91. chloemybebe Says:

    thank you so much for this list!!

  92. alli Says:

    Oops! I didn’t mean to post fakers you already knew about!! Sorry. I noticed the other two weren’t on the list, but the two you had, I don’t know if I checked. I’ll be better about checking if they’re on the list when I find more. 😀

  93. Andy Says:

    Hi all, after going through this forum, I’m now worried that this bag may be a fake. Can anyone verify that this is the real thing?

    ebay seller: angeltrove

  94. tokidoki blog Says:

    Andy – since that seller is not on the fake sellers list, talk us through what items from the how to avoid fake tokidoki bags on ebay guide still make you think it might be a fake so that we can help you learn.

  95. Andy Says:

    I haven’t received the bag yet, but should have it by next week. I guess the only way to tell if it’s real or fake is to inspect it thoroughly once I get it.

    For now I’ll assume it’s real (considering the cost) and that the seller has sold many tokidoki bags before and has 100% positive feedback.

    When I get the bag, I’ll be sure to post my findings on whether it’s real or not.

  96. Ginger Says:

    Check out the fake skinny decorative chain and the skinny keyring for the Qee… seller’s name is “nathanplaydead”

  97. alli Says:

    so, basically everything that has the words “tokidoki” and “anime” seems to be a fake, I notice.

  98. tokidoki blog Says:

    Ginger – good catch, that bag is definitely fake. I am adding nathanplaydead to the list now.

  99. renee Says:

    aquarius7753 are these fake?? hard to tell from the poor quality photos..

  100. renee Says:

    woops sorry forgot to link
    link to ebay auction

  101. tokidoki blog Says:

    Renee – since that seller is not on the fake sellers list, talk us through what items from the how to avoid fake tokidoki bags on ebay guide still make you think it might be a fake so that we can help you learn.

  102. mortimer.blank Says:

    I had never realised there were fake Tokidoki bags out there as well.
    I know now I got a fake. Its good I did not pay a lot but it still is off putting.
    Here is the bag.

  103. Lara Says:

    I was interested in bidding on this Citta Canguro. Is is a fake?

  104. alli Says:


  105. alli Says:

    mortimer.blank — if it is still within whatever the time period is, can’t you find a claim against funkyspirit333 for selling fakes?

  106. tokidoki blog Says:

    alli – added!

  107. Kiesha Says:

    shiribiri1 (store name: urru style clothing shop)

  108. alli Says:

    fur1111-123 !!! fur1111’s new ID??

  109. Kiesha Says:


  110. Wendy Says:

    Is 73papasmurf safe to buy from, listed is a 2nd generation stellina i just love but do not want to get ripped off, thanks

  111. alli Says:

    keisha beat me to paipaios!! haha

  112. alli Says:

    BTW– paipaios’ qee on this listing has a star on its arm,but the shape is wrong. if anyone wondered.. just ONE of the many things wrong w/that listing. ha

  113. Jackie Says:

    check this out to see if its a seller selling fakes!

  114. alli Says:

    what makes you think they’re selling fakes, jackie?

    I swear, no one reads the guide tokidokiblog put so much time into.

  115. Shell Says:

    I agree with you alli. The guide here is so informative and helpful. It is really quite simple. If you are in doubt or not comfortable buying a bag on eBay, then don’t. Buy your bags from Lesportsac, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, Karmaloop, Pulse etc if you want a guarantee. Otherwise, use the guide here (AS A GUIDE) and your own judgement when it comes to eBay purchases. No one here can 100% authenticate a bag on eBay unless they are the seller of that bag! I have bought a few of my bags on eBay and have been really fortunate in my experience. But if I have even a little doubt, I simply do not bid.

  116. Margaret Says:

    i found another one. paipaios is a fake seller 2

  117. Kiesha Says:

    zordonzeke is another fake seller.

    and, i agree with you alli. when i first started buying bags in may, i really learned a lot from this blog. oh! sorry i beat you to the punch. lol.

  118. Suzanne in San Diego Says:

    Hello All,

    Can someone please check out ebay seller chink14k and let me know if the bags are fake? It’s hard for me to tell with the Notte colored bags. I will to buy one for my 13yo daughter but I do not want to get a fake – thanks!!

  119. Kiesha Says:

    Suzanne –

    the notte stellina that chink14k is selling looks real to me. if the seller’s willing to send you extra photos, you can request a photo of the underside of the zipper heads on the rainbow zippers. authentic bags have the brand name “riri” should be stamped on the underside of the zipper heads. good luck.

  120. Kiesha Says:

    yikes. some these fakes are really horrid. :/

    two more to add to the list:

    and, yes, i spend WAY too much time on ebay. 🙂

  121. tokidoki blog Says:

    I updated the list with all of the new fake sellers that everyone posted (except for zordonzeke, which I couldn’t confirm – I don’t see any tokidoki items fake or otherwise for sale by that seller right now or in their past feedback).

  122. alli Says:

    thanks for adding &this great list, tokidokiblog!! 🙂

    fake pirata luna
    that is amazing.

  123. Jackie Says:

    another fake seller

  124. Jackie Says:

    my bad.. its already on the list

  125. Wendy Says:

    I just bought this bag on ebay – can anyone tell me whether this is real or fake? This seller, mderogers, sells a lot of Tokidoki.


  126. tokidoki blog Says:

    Wendy, what makes you think the bag might be fake?

  127. Wendy Says:

    Hi – maybe I’m paranoid now after seeing the above list of ebayers who sell fake bags. I checked out some of their listings and I found it hard to tell which ones were fake – I guess I just want to make sure I didn’t waste my money. Is it reasonable to say that if the selling price is around the retail price, chances are it’s real? It seems that most of the fake listings have a “too good to be true” price.

  128. tokidoki blog Says:

    Wendy, have you read my how to avoid fake tokidoki bags on ebay guide? It will help you be able to tell a fake bag from a real bag. That combined with the fact that your seller is not on the fake sellers list should reassure you. 🙂

  129. Wendy Says:

    OK thanks! 🙂

  130. alli Says:

    fake seller: greengreasemonkey

  131. tokidoki blog Says:


  132. Laura Says:

    I found another fake being sold. It has that flowers spring written all over it! Unfortunatly someone is gonna pay over $122 for it :'[

    the seller is angelbaby6788

  133. alli Says:

    morefakes: jaceauron

  134. alli Says:

    schiribiri1 (store: Urru Street Style 1) — may have been shiribiri1

  135. alli Says:

    another w/fake bags: sfsyren

    what about this shirt? zero feedback seller and i haven’t seen a toki shirt in that style ever. (i hope its fake; it’s ugly)

  136. urvanilla Says:

    someone had a new Tutti print for sale, but i had my doubts b/c it looked like the name ‘Bastardino’ was actually listed on the print. i know the character but wasn’t sure his name would actually be written on the print; i only know the swatches i’ve seen. the seller wouldn’t respond. any thoughts? this person is Not listed on the fake seller list.

  137. alex Says:


    are these sellers’ tokidoki items fakes?
    can’t tell because i’ve never seen them before, help?

  138. alli Says:

    bastardino’s name, urvanilla? That’s odd. tutti should look like this (def.real).

    alex matis-decolores only sells european (pre-lesportsac) stuff, and i guess the only way to know for certain if that’s real is to ask simone himself! it very well could be, since there has been lots of stuff made in Europe that the US never got.

  139. alex Says:

    ok, thanks for your help.

  140. alex Says:

    i think urvanilla means the bowl bastardino is drinking out of, that does have his name on it, other than that i would think its fake.

  141. alli Says:

    californiadreeemin. and they’re trying to get $60 for this fake.

  142. alli Says:


  143. urvanilla Says:

    thanks alex & alli! i didn’t know that little detail! good to know.

  144. alli Says:


  145. Olivia Says:

    I almost bought one from neremisi,but they made me kind of suspicious…The bag is the Scuola CITTA PRINT TOKIDOKI and I’m not sure if it’s real.
    Could anyone check it out?

  146. alli Says:

    Honestly, I just wouldn’t purchase from that seller, Olivia. Anyone that has ever sold a fake is tainted in my eyes.
    I’d buy this one instead.
    Or this or because those are good sellers.

  147. nat Says:

    I have to check once again, does beautifullybigduds sell genuine tokidoki? Also can someone verify if this is genuine?

    pirata bella ebay auction 1

    pirata bella ebay auction 2

  148. conny Says:

    I was looking at handbags on the macy’s website when I saw the bianco zucca bag and discovered tokidoki. So then of course I google tokidoki and then search for it elsewhere and finally on ebay. Now I would really like a pirata zucca bag, but I found this really cute one: link and I don’t know if it’s real or not. The qee looks real and you can see the riri on the zipper, but I’m not sure if the liner color is right?

    By the way, your guide on how to spot fakes is awesome! I’m just a newb, so I want to be sure it’s the genuine article before I spend my money.

  149. Julieee Says:

    can you tell me if that bag is real? i might get it. it does look real to me.

  150. Julieee Says:

    Here it is! Is this real?

  151. Ginger Says:

    Nat, yes, Beautifully Big Duds sells authentic toki items.

  152. tokidoki blog Says:

    I just updated the list with all of the new additions – thanks, everyone!

    Nat & Julieee – yes those bags are real.

  153. List of eBay Users Who Sell Real tokidoki Bags & Clothes « Tokidoki Blog Says:

    […] List of eBay Users Who Sell Real tokidoki Bags & Clothes Since this list has been much-requested, I am going to kick it off here. Help building the list from everyone would be much appreciated – you have all done an awesome job with the List of eBay Users Who Sell Fake tokidoki Bags! […]

  154. alli Says:

    Seller: standby-23

  155. alli Says:


  156. Ju~chan Says:

    here’s one by premiumpro_th

  157. mia1976 Says:

    Hi all, this subject really gets my goat!!! I was a victim to a fake bag, luckliy I found this site, threatened to report them to ebay and paypal so they refunded me my money sayin they didn’t realise the bag was fake. (yeah right, return the bag for them to sell it to some other poor unsuspecting sod!) Some of these fakes are selling for £50 about $100 to you guys which is really unfair. Is there nothing we can do stop these rip off merchants!!!

  158. alli Says:


  159. tokidoki blog Says:

    Latest additions added.

    mia1976 – sorry that happened to you, but I’m glad you found this site and got your refund!

  160. alli Says:

    junliang-ma300/junliang-ma300 (Store name)

  161. Ev Says:

    I found some e-bay people who are selling FAKE bags. I checked for all of the signs (ques, zippers, ect)


  162. Hunty Says:

    Ev – I think those people were already posted.

  163. Sara Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I read tokidokiblog’s helpful guide to spotting fakes but I still can’t tell whether this bag is fake or real:

    Reasons I think it might be fake:
    1. The seller, ninja_rusty, isn’t listed on the list of real sellers
    2. The pictures don’t show the inside of the bag, the inside of the zipper, or close ups of the qee (which looks like it might have a white face based on the picture)?
    3. There’s a no return policy
    4. The seller’s feedback only lists two past transactions as being Tokidoki bags (though they’re bothh positive and one even states that the bag she received was authentic)
    5. I can’t see the zipper pulls
    6. The seller has some other tokidoki bags listed with BIN prices of $100 or more; this one is just up for bid and the price is only $40 with less than a day left

    I’d really appreciate any help from those of you who are already familiar with tokidoki. I’m new to the whole thing (this would be my first bag, though I do have the matching denaro already). Thanks so much!

  164. alli Says:

    Sara- a lot of good sellers aren’t on the ‘real sellers’ list, but they do sell real things. Your list of reasons is good. If it concerns you, I recommend asking them for pics of those things. Sometimes auctions start REALLLLy low just to go WAYYY up at the end. All the stuff i’ve seen her sell looks real,though (IMO) and since it’s listed as the real thing, if you got a fake, you’d win an eBay claim. I think when in doubt, message the seller. If they won’t send more pics, they’re full of s–t. 😀
    And the no returns thing–i think some sellers just get sick of people with buyer’s remorse.

  165. Sara Says:

    Thanks, Alli. You know, I did ask the seller for up-close pics of the qee but I never got a response. For that reason, I think I won’t bid on the bag, though it would be a good deal if it was real.
    Thanks again for your response!

  166. Hunty Says:

    Here’s another fake toki seller. ;~;


    And then you wonder why Tokidoki stuff in general is expensive.

  167. alli Says:


  168. urvanilla Says:

    watch out world! this one sells scary stuff…

    bad fakes

    seller: soozd1956

  169. kim Says:

    123jclinton sells fakes

  170. jfqzx Says:

    Argh, no way. I found this blog after winning my auction… and turns out my bag was fake (i sorta suspected by the price). However, I’m kinda in dire need of a new schoolbag since the strap of my old one broke, so it’s still a useful investment… plus I’d feel weird carrying around an expensive bag to uni anyway. But reading this blog has taught me alot! Thanks for sharing the info!

  171. claudia Says:

    does anyone know if mysimon sells real bags?

  172. Katie Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this seller vs*deals on ebay is selling a fake bag? I didnt see the name on the fake list. Thank you!

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